Delve Within…

Welcome to a home of free stories that live within the realm of progressive horror and supernatural suspense. I attempt to improve the pathetic writing skills I currently possess, so what is published here will always be a “work in progress”.

Wait a minute–wouldn’t that mean that these stories are awful?

… Meh?

Holy smokes! A new story awaits:

Cleaning House — My first contributor piece for Pen of the Damned.

The Afterthought awaits for when you’ve finished reading it!

I also write something called Ghoul Flash Fiction. If you’re interested, the link is in the above menu. It’s comedy, horror, and a whole lot of awful #lifeisghoul. The hashtag gets me nowhere. Ghoul would disagree, so please don’t tell him I said anything.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to take it easy.

John Potts Jr.